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Full Version: The Sound Of Vegas volume 1
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The Sound Of Vegas volume 1

Genre: live recording
Format: audience recording
Sound: very good
Tracks: 23
Playing Time: 60:58

Recorded live: Las Vegas, NE, August 8th 1973 Dinner Show


01 Also Sprach Zarathustra (1:33)
02 See See Rider (3:15)
03 I Got A Woman / Amen (4:49)
04 Love Me2:35)
05 Steamroller Blues (3:05)
06 You Gave Me A Mountain (3:22)
07 Trouble (2:08)
08 Blue Suede Shoes (1:05)
09 Rock Medley (2:21)
10 Love Me Tender (1:41)
11 Hound Dog (1:06)
12 Fever (3:44)
13 Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel (1:55)
14 What Now My Love (3:09)
15 Suspicious Minds (4:20)
16 Band Introductions (2:04)
17 My Boy (3:52)
18 I Can't Stop Loving You (2:19)
19 An American Trilogy (4:50)
20 How Great Thou Art (3:02)
21 Release Me (2:20)
22 Can't Help Falling In Love (1:39)
23 Closing Vamp (0:30)



A pleasant surprise this release from SR Records. A very enjoyable/good show from the August/September '73 engagement (4th show from that engagement). Elvis is in a very good mood [this actually spoils Fever as he is overly talkative during the song]. The sound is very good as the recording is very clear. Defenately one of the best audience recorded shows from this season, both show as sound wise.
colonel snow
a good show with a very good sound indeed; but the midnight shw of the same date has a surprise
with the performance of " Make the world go away " sung before Can't help falling in love.

colonel snow
I definately agree agree with the comments about the sound quality of this recording.

Still have to listen to most of the show but what i've heard so far has given me a good impression
I have just listened to this and for those undecided about getting this show heres a short review ...

This CD from S+R Records features an audience recording of the dinner show recorded in Las Vegas on the 8th August 1973. It is presented with a rudimentary 8 page booklet containing several period photos and liner notes stating a departure from their previous focus on 1970-71, with plans for a series of related releases from 1973-74. Although the presentation here is adequate, it in no way matches the standards of artwork and production found on the Straight Arrow or Madison labels which is a shame. On a more positive note, the sound quality on this release proves to be very clear and upfront, although a touch overloaded and harsh at times. Overall however, it is still much better than average for an audience recording.

The CD starts during the instrumental intermezzo before the 2001 introduction. Around 40 seconds in, the sound distorts for a few uncomfortable moments indicating tape damage, but fortunately this soon passes without further incidence. Elvis sounds in good voice for the opening song, See See Rider and I Got A Woman features two vocal slides from J.D. with Elvis commenting, “It’s early and he’s not quite as low as he should be.” Afterwards he must have thrown his guitar awkwardly at Charlie Hodge, as he remarks, “Honey it scares me too, every time I throw that thing.”

He then welcomes his audience, before starting Love Me. After a couple of verses, his band go to end the song prematurely, but Elvis calls out, “No no, that’s not the ending fellas, we usually do two verses there…I know we’re all asleep…” and continues for a final verse. A good version of Steamroller Blues follows this, after which he announces, “I’d like to get serious for a second.” “That’s it,” he jokes after a momentary pause and immediately starts You Gave Me A Mountain. This is performed well as usual and is followed by Trouble, with a rather tame guitar solo from James Burton.

To sum up, this is a fast paced and focused show in above average sound. All songs are sung well throughout, although banter between songs is kept to a minimum and he appears tired when he talks. Despite this, it is still an entertaining performance with a moody and atmospheric Fever being a particular highlight for me. In short, this is another decent sounding show which grows in appeal with repeated plays. Worth serious consideration.

It takes Elvis a while to get his "engines" revving, but eventually we get there ... [img]style_emoticons/default/sad.gif[/img] not his best show on import.
I enjoyed this cd. Very good sound, but he is a bit slow to warm up. Wish they had the opening show (Aug 6) & midnight show of this date in this sound quality.
QUOTE (casscolonel @ Sep 21 2006, 04:51 PM) *
I enjoyed this cd. Very good sound, but he is a bit slow to warm up. Wish they had the opening show (Aug 6) & midnight show of this date in this sound quality.

Elvis is indeed a tiny bit slow at the start, but ik makes him sound relaxt rather than tired ! I found it quite amusing (and surprising) to hear the old (from '70) remark: " What you got on ? Your Mind ?" . In fact, it's the only time (from memory) I have heard this joke after 1970.

With the 1st 100 copies a bonus disc was included which contained the August 6th 1973 OS. As I don't have "Fire In Vegas" I can't comment on the fact if this bonus disc is in better sound. But, coming from the SR camp I think it's safe to asume it's the best sounding version of this show around and indeed I find it quite listenable (not as good though as the concert from this topic).
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