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Full Version: I. 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong
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50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong Elvis' Golden Records Volume 2

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For me, the best Elvis album of the 50s by a country mile. The perfect Rock n Roll album in my view and by far the hardest choice so far. Each and every track is awesome. I went for "A Big Hunk O' Love". Elvis at his rock "n" Roll best IMO.
Suspicious Minds
I voted for Don't.
A ballad specially written for Elvis.
Elvis had a lot of No 2's in the UK that could have been No 1's.
I think RCA doubted Elvis popularity in the 50's.
I'm with Chris on this one.....I feel that this is far and away Elvis' best LP of the 50's, and from all the gems we have to choose from, I think the wild, raucous "Big Hunk O' Love" captures Elvis at his absolute wildest, with most of the Nashville Cats on hand, including Hank Garland on guitar and Floyd Cramer on piano.

Cool, Daddy-O!!!
I voted for "I got stung",the best,fastest and coolest EP rocksong!!
Yep, a super album filled with awesome songs... I voted for "Big Hunk O' Love"...
One of the coolest rockers Elvis ever recorded, and still today sounds way cool!
It's also one of the very few '50's songs' Elvis always treated with respect on his
concerts in the 70's... I bet he liked the song. cool.gif
"A Big Hunk O' Love" gets my vote too. It's one of his hardest rockers imho. Strange to think that this was recorded at the very end of his classic rock 'n' roll era - and even in his army uniform... It's very different from any other rock songs that he did. Right from that opening "Hey baby!" it's one hell of a rock 'n' roll recording!
Elvis did many Rockers. They come no harder or better than A Big Hunk O' Love woohoo.gif
U.S. Male
Even though I'm sure I'll probably "stand alone", I went for the country/pop song A Fool Such As I, maninly because I love the guitar work on this song, along with it's smooth rhythm.

But hey, all of the songs listed are fantastic and deserving of mention thumbup.gif
I voted for One Night. It's always been a favorite of mine but "A Bug Hunk O Love" is right there with it though. woohoo.gif
King Of Graceland
I voted A Big Hunk O' Love
curtis simpkins
I voted Big Hunk has well.

Great song.
I voted for the lot...when this came out on FTD...WOW.

Joke about the lot...BIG HUNK O LOVE...Hank Garlands Guitar on fire = MAGIC!. notworthy2.gif
I Voted " Don't "
Oh no this is a hard one swoon.gif After much thought I am going to pick Doncha Think Its Time Elvis' voice sounds very sexy for me.I can't explain it in words but I find it an exciting performance

43 votes so far....with Big Hunk O' Love way out in front ( no suprise to me there biggrin.gif )

What does suprise when you look at other releases...such as his first one...we only have 14 votes.... undecided.gif
I voted I need your love tonight
One of my all time favorites biggrin.gif
Wisdom Of The Ages
I voted for I Got Stung thumbup.gif
I voted for Wear My Ring Around Your Neck, but they all fantastic in my book. The FTD sent this album to a new level. winking0001.gif
I'm surprised I Beg Of You has no votes busted_cop.gif

A Big Hunk O' Love! elvis 50s.gif
One of the best Elvis' Albums!
Great album! clap.gif
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