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Full Version: A wild weekend in Huntsville!!! volume one.
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A Wild Weekend in Huntsville ! - Volume One

Concert from may 31,afternoonshow in Huntsville.
After the very good "Adios Huntsville" cd(),the Madison label delivers another one from those five tour opening concerts.
Some songs where released before(like on the Southern nights FTD)but it's the first time the whole show is available,at least from what was recorded.

1- Love Me ( incomplete ) 2:03 ; 2- If You Love Me ( Let Me Know ) 3:08 ; 3- Love Me Tender 2:47 ; 4- All Shook Up 1:57 ; 5- Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel 2:09 ; 6- The Wonder Of You ( w/ false start ) 2:25 ; 7- Burning Love 3:28 ; 8- Introduction of the vocalists, John Wilkinson., James Burton 1:37 ; 9- What I'd Say ? ( featuring James Burton ) 0:52 ; 10- Drum Solo ( featuring Ron Tutt ) 1:25 ; 11- Bass solo ( featuring Jerry Scheff ) 1:26 ; 12- Piano solo ( featuring Glen D. Hardin ) 1:02 ; 13- Introduction of Charlie Hodge, Voice, Joe Guercio and his orchestra 0:39 ; 14- School Day ( featuring Joe Guercio & orchestra ) 1:14 ; 15- Trouble 0:54 ; 16- T-R-O-U-B-L-E 3:39 ; 17- Hawaiian Wedding Song 2:14 ; 18- Let Me Be There ( with reprise ) 3:21 ; 19- An American Trilogy 5:04 ; 20- Funny How Time Slips Away 2:47 ; 21- Blue Suede Shoes 1:22 ; 22- For The Good Times 3:11 ; 23- Little Darlin' 2:34 ; 24- Can't Help Falling In Love 1:39 ; 25- Closing vamp 0:35

Bonus : 26- Elvis at the WFL football game August 9, 1975 0:31

The sound is very good,the booklet great,as always with Madison cd's.

Enjoy the sample!!
King Of Graceland
QUOTE (JohanD @ Oct 11 2007, 05:43 PM) *
The sound is very good,the booklet great,as always with Madison cd's.

You can say that again.
I recieved this CD yesterday and it is a great CD!! thumbup.gif thumbup.gif
Thanks for the clip Johan.....looking forward to getting this sometime soon !! notworthy.gif
Nice info on this excellent release Johan. And thanks for posting the clips. Got my copy yesterday and must say its another brilliant release by Madison. Those guys have to be the kings of the import world at the moment with these excellent cds they keep coming out with!!!!
Glad to be of service friends!! thanks.gif

I hope the next volume will folow the same line.
From sound to design it's damn good!!
The content is even better:Elvis in in great shape!!
The five shows there in Huntsville where nothing less then awesome.
memphis 77
thank you johan for the info and samples , i eagerly await my copy, .
memphis 77
ok i gave it a quick listen the first time round and it sounded great , however last night i sat down and listened to it completly through, we pop in with ELVIS midway through love me , and then comes a good version of if you love me.... to me this song never sounded better than durring the may june 77 tour, his phrasing was incredible and the bravado on begging me to straaaaaay. as we move on he does a great version of burning love[even the orchestration sounds great with some fine guitar work from james burton, a great highlight for me is when he bursts into trouble[king creole version] and glen hardin is right there with some great piano work it sure is sounding great until he forgets the rest of the song- to bad i wished he kept it going, because the later t.r.o.u.b.l.e. [is way to long , and he sounds tired and disinterested], and the wonder of you is done with complete disregard and never matches the 70 versions for me , we are also treated to good versions of let me be there, along with a meadiocre version of funny ... and for the good times[he sounds lost , and uninspired] a great version of trilogy that finally wakes him up , only to do a sloppy job on little darlin, to me i guess the afternoon performances always suffered and to me this one is no exception, the booklet is more exiting than the performance on this cd, as a bonus we are given a short interview from memphis football game and ELVIS in the press box, the announcer[pretty bold guy he is ] asks ELVIS if he would give him a cadillac as he did the other journalist , ELVIS as modest as ever says it was another guy and not him[smart move E.P.], and so is my opinion of wild weekend in huntsville[ a real hyped up if not misleading title] but again it's nice to have this in my possession.
Indeed a wonderful cd... love those '75 concerts....
Got his CD at the weekend, great sound & a good show.

Link To Sound Bites And Excerpts
colonel snow
here a ticket for this concert.

colonel snow

Those five concerts are arguably some of the best shows Elvis gave.

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