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Full Version: You Know, It Don't Have To Be Strictly Country-Volume I
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01. Twenty days and twenty nights (Take 9 Master , undubbed unedited) Acetate 02. I've lost you (Take 7 Master , undubbed unedited) Acetate 03. I was born about 10.000 years ago (Take 1 Master , undubbed unedited) 04. The sound of your cry (Take 11 Master , undubbed unedited) Acetate 05. The fool (Take 1 try out) 06. Little cabin on the hill (Take 2) Master, undubbed 07. Cindy ,Cindy (take 1) unedited 08. Bridge over troubled water (Take 8 Master , undubbed - unedited, unrepaired) 09. Got my mojo working /Keep your hands off it (Take 1 Master , dubbed brass & horns unedited) 10. How the web was woven (take 3 Master, back-up vocals, no additional overdubbing ) (previous unreleased) 11. It's your baby, you rock it (Take 5 Master , undubbed unedited) Acetate 12. Stranger in the crowd (take 9 - Master, Guide strings & backing vocals ) (previously unreleased) 13. I'll never know (Take 7 Master, undubbed unedited) Acetate 14. Mary in the morning (Take 5 Master, undubbed, unedited) Acetate 15. Ain't no big thing (Take 9) (dubbed strings) (previously unreleased) 16. You don't have to say you love me (take 3 Alternate Master, dubbed strings no backing vocals) (previously unreleased) 17. Just pretend (Take 3 Master , undubbed unedited) Acetate 18. This is our dance (Take 11 Master , undubbed unedited) Acetate 19. Life (Take 20 Master , undubbed unedited) Acetate 20. Heart of Rome (Take 3 Used for composite Master , undubbed unedited) Stereo (previously unreleased) 21. Bridge over troubled water - V.O July 2 3 (Acetate) stereo (previously unreleased) 22. There goes my everything (Take 3 Master , undubbed unedited) Acetate

This cd has been announced for some time now.
Finaly it lays in the player right now!!
Was it worth the wait?

Well,the artwork is very impressove,no complaints there.
The music is the main thing.
Some tracks are released before elswhere,some have their first time here.
The sound quality varies from good to very good.

The fact that there are new takes on it is the main selling point.
I'm sure Henk will lead us trough it,as i'm not an expert like our Dutch friend is.
What i do know is the fact that i is a very strong powerfull cd.
It's Elvis as i like him best,during those awesome 1970 Nashville sessions.
This cd is a worthy companion to the FTD series.
Get it before it's sold out.
Eventually tracked down a copy of this.....this week. First impression...very cool notworthy.gif
colonel snow
the unreleased tracks are not available elsewhere; a great compilation!!

colonel snow
enjoyed the CD very much and hope for a follow up
It's Good Cd, I got It, I play alot Next Too New TTWII stuff
Wonder if there is ever gonna be a volume two..... undecided.gif
colonel snow
a tracklist for volume 2 was published but there is no CD until today:

When Iím over you (unedited) - I really donít want to know (undubbed) - Faded love (take 1 unedited/undubbed) - Tomorrow never comes (undubbed) - The next step is love (undubbed) - Make the world go away (spliced undubbed master) - Funny how times slips away (undubbed) - I washed my hands in muddy water (unedited) - Love letters (undubbed) - There s goes my everything (T 1) - If I were you (undubbed) - Only believe (undubbed) - Sylvia (undubbed) - Patch it up (undubbed) - Snowbird (undubbed) - Where did they go lord? (undubbed) - Whole lotta shakiní goiní on (unedited) - Rags to riches (T 4 unrepaired) - Iíve lost you (18-07-70 with back up vocal) - Bridge over troubled water (T8 brass & string overdubs mix down) - The next step is love (T 11 Ė mix down) - Iíll never know (T 7 Ė no backing vocals).

most of the tracks can be find now on the latest FTD releases; I think you can find the original mix here.
I hope it will be released.

colonel snow
colonel snow
I doubt if there ever comes a volume 2; when I see the tracklist the majority of the songs were released on the latest FTD's with june / sept. 1970 recordings like Love letters - Elvis country - TTWII.
Only the last 4-5 songs were previous unreleased and until today not to be found elsewhere.

colonel snow
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