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Full Version: 1955 -" FORGOT To REMEMBER To FORGET ~ over 6 months on Billboards Charts.. (longer chart run than H Hotel/HoundDog/J.Rock !)
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The Impact of RCAs - Promotion Department.. shows up with

I FORGOT TO REMEMBER, climbing back up the charts. (Sales Shown)

And many of the Regional Charts, Elvis re-enters, including Memphis !


On this Rare "New Zealand" HMV Single... Charlie Feathers isn't listed as one of the Writers!

The DJ's receiving all this extra RCA publicity...

must have decided.. This song should be added to the Playlists

After 11 weeks on the Charts, goes back up to No. #5 from # 11

a 1970s Copy, on Red Vinyl

The JUKE BOX Chart also reflects all the added RCA Publicity, and Sun's new Push!

$$$$$ Elvis' $ales figures at $un $$$$$

When he came to sell the contract to RCA, Sam Phillips made some handwritten notes totalling up the sales of the five Elvis singles.

These notes were published in one of Ger's books.

This is what they revealed:

Sun 209 That's All Right/Blue Moon of Kentucky - total = 101,578
Sun 210 Good Rockin' Tonight/I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine ... - total = 69,232
Sun 215 Milkcow Blues/You're a Heartbreaker - total = 51,179
Sun 217 Baby Let's Play House/I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone ... - total = 91,906
Sun 223 Mystery Train/ I Forgot To Remember... - total = 47,029

note: Sam Phillips was allowed to carry on selling SUN 223 for the Whole of DECEMBER 55 and into January 1956 by RCA,
and with the RCA extra publicity, probably added a good few more Discs to this List....

(Thanks to Colin.B for re-printing this Info)
Elvis Presley - I Forgot To Remember To Forget - 2 min 42 secs

In rush re-releasing the other 4 Sun Singles, RCA have the Juke Box operators in mind !

This is the first Chart... to show the SUN and RCA 45 single Numbers for I FORGOT TO REMEMBER TO FORGET !

Best Sellers, now 15 weeks on the Chart...

3rd December 1955 MONTGOMERY Show... details (Billboard 24th Dec 1955 issue)

Juke Box Charts ~ Billboard Issue 24 Dec: 1955.. Sun & RCA Single Release Numbers Listed.

I FORGOT TO REMEMBER - No. # 1 in St.Louis. !

Billboards final issue of 1955, on the Final day of the year (31st Dec:)

RCA run its first ELVIS ADVERT, but they decide to Include Elvis with other RCA Artists

(sort of testing the waters.....)

This is almost the last time BOB NEAL will be listed as Elvis' Manager !
Billboard End of Year Issue..

after 4 months in the Best Sellers Chart,

I FORGOT TO REMEMBER is still in the TOP 5 ! Best Sellers..

The DJs have really taken on board all the RCA extra publicity.. ELVIS AT # 4 Now.

Also for the first time the RCA RE-Release is listed before Sun's release.

28 Nov: 55.. just after signing Elvis.. the 1st SUN single is Re-issued on RCA

RCA BULLETIN.. dated 19 December 1955...

due to the success of the re-issue on RCA of "I FORGOT TO REMEMBER TO FORGET"

RCA RE-ISSUES the other 4 Sun Singles.

Elvis is getting Tens of Thousands of Plays a Week, on Juke Box's around the Country !

I FORGOT TO REMEMBER TO FORGET is Number # 1 in St. Louis !

1st Billboard issue of 1956 - RCA run a full page advert, which Elvis shares with 7 other RCA C&W artists.

When the Colonel get control shortly, these Shared adverts will be banned by him !

MYSTERY TRAIN Joins its "A" side for DJ Radio plays.

Juke Box plays are very strong through Xmas and the New Year ! for I FORGOT TO REMEMBER !


Now 18 weeks this chart at the start of 1956..

(The following weeks chart '21st Jan' Elvis is in the same position!)

DJ Radio Plays after 14 weeks in chart (21st Jan Chart.. is the same # position)

9 weeks on the Juke Box Chart... still riding high ! 14th Jan 56 Billboard issue
(also #3 following week 21st January 56)

RCA take out a 2/3rd of page Services advert in Billboard (7th January 56)


The first mention about Elvis recording for RCA in Nashville,

in this BILLBOARD Issue dated 28th January 1956 !

Now 21 weeks on the Selling chart, and its up to # 4 - What an amazing single.

Also in this Billboard issue (Feb 4th 1956) Mystery Train re-joins its A side.

2 more charts from the 4th Feb 1956 BILLBOARD

BILLBOARD Issue - 11th February 1956 ~ First Review for - "HEARTBREAK HOTEL"

The SALES, DJ-RADIO, JUKE BOX Charts in this Issue

are the same Numbered # positions as shown last week !
Heartbreak Hotel has been out for almost 2weeks,
and is showing great demand in many Areas...

and this is giving an EXTRA Sales boost to I FORGOT TO REMEMBER TO FORGET...

Now 23 weeks in the Sales Chart, moving up to #2 (from #4)

Billboard 18th Feb Issue, a week after its Review.. reports very positive demand for HEARTBREAK HOTEL

2 Billboard Charts show I FORGOT TO REMEMBER moving back up - and holding steady again !

C & W BEST SELLERS CHART, 25th Feb 56 - Number #1 with 24 weeks on Chart..

In a selection of Regional charts, Elvis is back at Number # 1 in St. Louis

The first Charts to show HEARTBREAK HOTEL (3rd March 56 Billboard)

With I FORGOT TO REMEMBER at Number 1 (C & W)

BILLBOARD ISSUE - 3rd March 1956 - Juke Box chart, and C&W survey feature

A snapshot from 9 regional charts - in BILLBOARD (3rd March 1956)

Shows the shape of things to come!

CHARLOTTE- Elvis has 3 songs in the Top 6.. including BABY LETS PLAY HOUSE !
MEMPHIS has I WAS THE ONE, # 4, (Heartbreak Hotel.. not yet breaking)
St LOUIS puts Elvis back at Number 1 (for the 3rd time) with I FORGOT TO REMEMBER

The big push is from Elvis' TV Appearances.. Coast to Coast

and already the reviewers are commenting on Elvis' Song Style changes from SUN to RCA.

(Billboard Issue 3rd March 1956)
Billboards 1st 100% Elvis RCA feature.. on all the current success's

Bob Neal.. seeing Elvis Records flying out the stores, and Zooming up the Charts...
Decides to cash in with his own MEMPHIS RECORD STORE ! ! !

Currently Elvis will soon be getting a Million Seller Gold Award from RCA...

but shortly RIAA will be taking over this task.. little do they know what an Elvis Task... its going to be..

I FORGOT TO REMEMBER TO FORGET ~ after 6 months in the CW Selling Chart

is still (Just) outselling HEARTBREAK HOTEL !

CHARTS from BILLBOARD ISSUE 10th March 1956

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