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Full Version: Pure Diamonds Vol.3
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Gospel music 1971 - 1973
Soundformat: Studio

01 Put Your Hand In The Hand
02 Reach Out To Jesus (alt. take)
03 He Is My Everything
04 There Is No God But God
05 I, John
06 Bosom Of Abraham
07 Put Your Hand In The Hand
08 Raised On Rock
09 Just A Little Bit
10 If You Don't Come Back
11 Three Corn Patches
12 Take Good Care Of Her
13 Find Out What's Happening
14 I've Got A Thing About You, Baby
15 Just A Little Bit
16 For Ol' Time Sake
17 Raised On Rock
To my ears only the first "Reach out to Jesus" and the last "Raised on rock"are real alternate takes.
Never heard an alternate of these two before then on this release,can anyone confirm this? smile.gif

The other tracks are fake recordings with a trackchanell left out... mad.gif
colonel snow
The tracks originates from reference recordings made for the colonel or either elvis;
The channels are in reverse to the original Lp masters;
Reach out to Jesus is an alternate take where as I presume it is take 2 or 9;
Other tracks are the masters without the overdubs done in overdub sessions / sometimes they are rough masters to be remixed when fit for release

colonel snow
Thanks for the information Colonel. I don't have this import myself, so this information now made me want to find it.

I must admit that im not a very big fan of the gospel. But there are several gospel songs i really like, because Elvis performance is top notch.

So all the stax tracks on this release are undubbed masters?
colonel snow
Hello tiger man

track 8 till 17 are in reversed channels to the originals masters as released on LP Raised on rock in 1973.
tracks 12 & 14 are without strings/extra guitar overdubs
some tracks are remixed but different to later releases
colonel snow
Meanwhile we know the alternate take is take 9 for Reach out to Jesus.
It is also released on FTD He touched me with a handful of false starts.

colonel snow
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