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NightFever in vegas
Las Vegas, August 30 1974 Midnight show
Sound: Soundboard

01 See See Rider
02 Dialogue
03 I Got A Woman/Amen
04 Dialogue
05 Love Me
06 If You Love Me
07 It's Midnight
08 Big Boss Man
09 Fever
10 All Shook Up
11 Dialogue
12 Softly As I Leave You
13 Hound Dog/Intro
14 Hound Dog
15 American Trilogy
16 Dialogue
17 Suspicious Minds

01 Karate Intro
02 If You Talk In Your Sleep
03 Karate Speech
04 Help Me
05 Let Me Be There
06 Dialogue
07 How Great Thou Art
08 Dialogue
09 Hawaiian Wedding Song
10 Dialogue
11 You Gave Me A Mountain
12 Can't Help Falling In Love

If you like to hear Elvis talk then this is the record! He will also tell you everything you want to know about karate, and in my case more than i want to now. The karate dialouge lasts for 10 minutes.

Right before an American triolgy a girl shouts"I love you Elvis" followed by a guy that shouts"I hate you Elvis". Elvis simply replies with a "FUCK YOU"

Now for the musical part, Every song is performed really good(Well maby not the 50's hits) and Elvis has a strong powerfull,voice.

My faves from this concert is: You gave me a mountain, if you talk in your sleep, let me be there and it's midnight
Scott Haigh 781990EP
i second that Tigerman! this is the first bootleg that i bought and i was not disappointed(except that i'd bought it off Ebay and it was a cd-r i'd paid 20 bucks for, but that guy is out of business now). Elvis is in a good mood for this show and the songs are pretty ok.

see see rider is strong and good, then there is heaps of funny dialogue about how Elvis's suit was so tight they had to paint it on him lol! then Elvis of course goes in to the 'well well' introduction, and gets one of the orchestra memebers to get on the 'saxaphone' while he does his low 'well well', this band member corrects him and says 'trombone', so Elvis says 'trombone, whatever, something bout a bone, hambone', with a triggered laugh from the audience. .

i got a woman is pretty good, then we have amen which is pretty standard, except for the funny dialogue with JD and the engineer, when Elvis decides to change mics with JD, which was not necessary, coz there is no difference.

after that medley, Elvis introduces himself as Tom Jones, and that 'you went to the wrong place'. then a usual love me, then a good 'if you love me', a touching 'its midnight', a good 'big boss man', though not as good as later versions, then Elvis sings' fever', very funny version! during the 'i light up when you call my name', Elvis impersonates his female fans and screams ina high pitch voice 'ELVIS!'. when i first heard this, i could'nt stop laughing!

then a throwaway of 'all shook up', i think after this Elvis heard a female fan scream his name in a way he loved so he said 'honey, you can have anything i got, you want the jacket?''. he joked. then the first,and still, the most beautiful version of the song softly, as i leave you'. it is perfect! then a throwaway of 'hound dog, though there are some funny dialogue before it, when the band does a false start, though i don't hear anything wrong with it though. then Elvis has a request for american trilogy

this leads to a fan saying 'i love you Elvis', then some man calls out from the audience ' i hate you Elvis', so Elvis says 'f**k you!'. the audience goes BESERK!! rubberface.gif

Elvis still carries on with a good ending to the song though, then he has a request to do suspicious minds, at this point Elvis is dropping this from his setlist, and he does not seem focused on this version at all.

then we change to disc 2, which starts with band intros, very long. then Elvis explains he is gonna put on a karate suit and perform a 'kata'. then the band goes in to the funkiest version of 'if you talk in your sleep' ever! the intro is pretty long, but funky! then Elvis sings a great version of this song, then he goes in to over 10 minutes of karate dialogue, very entertaining though! Elvis tells us the history, the animals it is based on, and heaps of other stuff. i personally liked it

then a touching straight version of 'help me', an energetic version of 'let me be there', then Elvis receives a gift to his daughter from a fan, then he talks about how he loves Las Vegas, and he would never rather be anywhere in the world. then he goes in to a very good version with heaps of conviction, it is a great version!

then nice version of hawaiian wedding song, and a request for you gave me a mountain, this is an awesome version! then Elvis close the show with can't help falling in love

this is an awesome cd to have!
Grate review Scott.
I cannot but agree guys!! clap.gif
Can someone post a track listing complete with times for this set?

Would greatly appreciate it!

Still hoping someone can post the track listing
COMPLETE WITH TIMES for this 2 CD set.



See See Rider - 3:00
Dialogue - 2:31
I Got A Woman / Amen - 6:05
Dialouge - 0:41
Love Me - 1:42
If You Love Me - 2:48
It's Midnight - 3:13
Big Boss Man - 2:37
Fever - 3:36
All Shook Up - 1:06
Dialouge - 1:13
Softly As I Leave You - 2:28
Hound Dog / Intro - 1:55
Hound Dog - 2:32
An American Trilogy - 3:53
Dialouge - 1:01
Suspicious Minds - 3:44


Introductions 5:34
Karate Intro - 1:11
If You Talk In Your Sleep - 3:55
Karate dialouge - 9:40
Help Me - 2:32
Let Me Be There - 3:32
Dialogue - 1:16
How Great Thou Art - 3:54
Dialogue - 1:07
Hawaiian Wedding Song - 1:58
Dialogue - 0:51
You Gave Me A Mountain - 3:19
Cant't Help Falling In Love - 1:40
Link to Sound bites and excerpts #19
colonel snow
In 2009 re-released on CD Black angels in Vegas (Venus Productions VP 2009-06).

colonel snow

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