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Full Version: Perfume Jovan Musk for men - Elvis's perfume!
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I don't believe! Elvis wore this perfume! I would like to buy this perfume. Did anybody already wear this perfume? Is it good? Do you know other Elvis's perfume?

Hug of bear!

QUOTE (Melanie @ Aug 16 2009, 02:15 AM) *
I don't believe! Elvis wore this perfume! I would like to buy this perfume. Did anybody already wear this perfume? Is it good? Do you know other Elvis's perfume? ~ DON'T REMEMBER READING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS, WHAT SOURCE IS YOUR INFO ON THIS PRODUCT, Please.....
Hug of bear! = WOULD THAT BE SAFE ?

Came across this info about Elvis' Hair, which you might find on interest......

Elvis’ hairdresser on the road was Larry Geller who was also his spiritual advisor. Larry wrote the following.

…. “in terms of Elvis’ hair you can add the following:

In the sixties I styled Elvis’ hair for the movies Roustabout; Girl Happy; Double Trouble; Easy Come, Easy Go; Frankie and Johnny; Harum Scarum; Paradise Hawaiian Style; Tickle Me; Spinout and Clambake.

We would arrive at the studio each morning, and before Elvis’ make-up was applied I would do his hair in his dressing room.

During the day’s shooting I would be on the set making sure his hair matched scenes and was looking appropriate.

Typically, I would have to redo his hair a half-dozen times a day because he was so active in the films.

Although Elvis had a perfect full head of hair, it did lack body. Therefore I had to constantly spray it, and when it came to the type of shampoo that I used, it was a custom solution that I prepared.

I always used a mild pH base, to which I would add vitamin E oil, Aloe Vera gel, Jojoba oil and other ingredients to keep his hair healthy and looking great.

He also received from me regular shampooing, brushing and scalp massage. Pomade? Never! That was a no-no. The only pomades available in those days were detrimental: heavy and clogging the pores; they would have worked against the full, healthy head of hair that Elvis possessed and that I worked to maintain.

When it came to dying his hair black, I used a wonderful product from a company called “Lapinol”, which is no longer in business.

I later used Clairol or sometimes L’Oreal.

On tour in the seventies, I would do his hair before we left the hotel or on the plane. Backstage before a performance I would tinker with it, making sure it looked right.”

It was Larry who trimmed Elvis’ hair for the funeral at the request of Vernon Presley and when he discovered Elvis had greying hair he had to use his partner’s black eyebrow pencil to blacken the grey roots.


Two friends of mine, sat next to the coffin, held Elvis' Hand... and watched Charlie Hodge, re combing Elvis' Hair, as Charlie said, trying to get it to look how Elvis liked it to Look.


You asked about an ELVIS BOOK in a post recently.....?

If you don't have it already.... LARRY GELLERS own Elvis Book, may contain more info on Products Elvis used, its sometime since I last read it myself, it will certainly contain more info about Elvis' Hair.

Some parts of Larry's Spiritual path... I wasn't as keen on, but it does contain plenty of other good stories to off-set that
Wear it ? I'd never heard of it biggrin.gif whistling.gif
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