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Full Version: H. A Date with Elvis
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A Date With Elvis Released: August 1959

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"Is it so strange" of my all time favourite Elvis ballads.... notworthy.gif
Suspicious Minds
I voted for Blue Moon of Kentucky.
I always think this is Elvis's early disco sound record.
A very weak LP, a hodge podge of material to say the least. Of the track on this one, I'd give "You're So Square" my vote......Cool bass riff, a very subdued little rocker that never received the attention it deserved back in 1957.
"Baby let's play house".
The way he sings is soooo cool....pure rockabilly.
Ooops! How did that happen? By mistake I voted for "Good Rockin' Tonight". Although that's a great one too I would have voted for "Baby, Let's Play House", which is my all-time favourite Elvis song! "Oh, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby..." kicking.gif
Comeback Baby !!!! I wanna play house with you................... swoon.gif Awesome !!!! notworthy.gif
Blue Moon Of Kentucky...

Hear the orig,version by BILL Monroe...waltz...then E get his hands on it...and ROCK"s it to the core. whistling.gif
curtis simpkins
I voted for Baby Let's Play House on of my fav's of Elvis's on a old sun days.
Brad M
'Good Rockin Tonight"...One of my favorite Elvis Rock Songs...a true GEM imo!
Blue Moon Of Kentucky for me.

Baby Lets Play House love the way Elvis rocks on this one notworthy2.gif
King Of Graceland
Good Rockin' Tonight
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