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Full Version: E. Elvis' Golden records
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Elvis' Golden Records Volume 1. Released: March 1958

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A harder one to choose. So many classic Rock n Roll numbers.

Decided to go for "Anyway you want me". But could easily have been a number of them undecided.gif
Suspicious Minds
I voted for Don't Be Cruel.
The best pop record by Elvis in the 50's and not a film song.
Don't Be Cruel by a MILE.....That song IS Elvis in the 50's and has become a timeless classic!
I Want You I Need You I Love You: Great stuff, "ho-ho-hold me close." Elvis always made a song his own and in the early 50's songs this was very vocal in its expression. Again another song taking advantage of his range - one of my "I would love to have been there watching" sessions.
"All shook up",pleasant upbeat tune,great opening line!!
Well bless my soul,whats wrong with me"!!!!! kicking.gif
I could have voted for most of them, but somehow "Hound Dog" with its machine gun drums and frantic vocals stands out for this ole hound dog man... whistling.gif
It can be found down at the end of lonely street !!!

An absolute Rock CLASSIC !! notworthy.gif
Heartbreak Hotel...

What a record to have out,that go"s all round the world,with people saying things like...never heard anything like that truth...since.

Country,pop,jazz...sure is different.
Brad M
"Anway You Want Me To" for me singing the lyrics to it now as we speak LOL.

Anyway You Want Me I just love this song.Elvis gets me going every time I hear it notworthy2.gif

Gotta be Dont Be Cruel ..such a classic in my eyes(or should that be ears) undecided.gif LOL
King Of Graceland
My favorite: Too Much
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